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The Fat Trap - the no hassle, fat collector!

Millions of pounds each year are wasted in the UK unblocking pipes of congealed fat. This is due to the increasing number of people tipping cooking fats and oils down drains, which leads to many environmental risks, including flooding.

Waste fat and oil in the kitchen can be harmful in so many ways. Even though you may not see it, fat and oil will harbour germs and make surfaces dangerous.

Now we have the answer… Fattrap

The super absorbent cooking oil disposal pouch ‘Fat Trap’ (Fattrap) locks in waste fats and oils from health grills, BBQs, frying, roasting dishes and kitchen spillages into it’s honeycomb structure. This turns the waste into a solid, for easy and safe disposal into the bin.

New Product Line!

In response to popular demand we'r expanding our product base by adding many more items to our kitchen range. We're beginning by including pizzelle makers to our site and hope to introduce them our customers. If you're unfamilar with pizzelle they are a popular cookie which is more common in America and Italy and are consumed during times of celebration.


20 Fat Trap Pouches...

4 individual packs, each containing 5 pouches that's 20 p

Qty £5.99

45 Fat Trap Pouches...

9 individual packs, each containing 5 pouches that's 45 p

Qty £11.50

Easy and convenient...

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Fat trap easily fits into your frying pan or George Forman grill to mop up fat.
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